• Nanotechnology for Electronic Materials and Devices

Nanotechnology for Electronic Materials and Devices

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The high level of attention and interest of the global community to NANO science and technology to a large extent is linked to the GIGAntic challenges for the c- tinuing growth of information technology, which sparked an unprecedented level of interdisciplinary and international cooperation among industrial and academic researchers, companies, IT market rivals, and countries, including former political and military rivals . Microelectronics technologies have reached a new stage in their development: The latest miniaturization of electronic devices is approaching atomic dimensions, interconnect bottlenecks are limiting circuit speeds, new ma- rials are being introduced into microelectronics manufacture at an unprecedented rate , and alternative technologies to mainstream complementary metal-oxide sem- conductors (CMOSs) are being considered . The very dynamic stage of science and technology related to the advanced and future electronics and photonics creates a growing gap between the large number of rapid publications and nanotechnology highlights in media on one side and fundamental understanding of underlying phenomena and an adequate evaluation of scientific discoveries and technological innovations on the other side. Writing a tutorial book on fundamentals of science and technology for electronics at this time is almost the same level of challenge as writing a history book during a revolution.
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