• Health Issues Confronting Minority Men Who Have Sex with Men

Health Issues Confronting Minority Men Who Have Sex with Men

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Although there has been an increasing public interest in minority men who have sex with men (MSM), much of that attention has focused on HIV risk and has been concerned with lurid details of people's sex lives. Relatively little attention has addressed the multiple health issues confronting this population, the risks that are associated with various health conditions (apart from HIV), or the innovative strategies that have been developed to address them. Each section of this edited book will be devoted to a particular health issue affecting minority MSM. Each section will consist of one or more scholarly chapters that address the particular issue, followed by a chapter or short piece from an individual associated with a nonprofit organization or public health department. In addition, each section will contain one or more writings from minority MSM regarding their experiences and/or perspective on the issue at hand. This book uniquely focuses on both gay/queer-self-identified men from diverse minority communities (African American, Latino, Native American, Asian and Pacific Islander) and men of these ethnic communities who have sex with men but are not gay/queer-self-identified.
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