• General Tools & Instruments DCS280 Ruggedized Non-Recording Video Scope

General Tools & Instruments DCS280 Ruggedized Non-Recording Video Scope

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Brand General Tools & Instruments
  • Big bright color LCD for crystal-clear real-time video imaging
  • 9mm (0.35 in.) diameter x 1m (39 in.) long camera-tipped probe is thin enough to fit into very narrow spaces
  • 2m and 3m long 9mm diameter probes are available
  • Super thin 5.5mm dia. probes in 1m 2m and 3m lengths are also optionally available
  • All probes are oil water and dust-proof to IP67 standard. TheDCS280 s wand-type grip and monitor are IP54 splash -proof.
  • Adjustable LEDs in camera head illuminate dark areas
  • Unit is drop-resistant to 1m height and comes in aprotective hard case
  • Invert what you see 180° to read labels right-side upand ZOOM video up to 200% to show details
  • Pays for itself quickly: Avoid the cost and trouble of tearing down engines
  • One-handed operation frees your other hand to use tools
  • AV Out jack enables video connection to any NTSC television
  • Includes four useful probe tip accessories
  • 3 year limited warranty
  • Inspecting cylinders valves diesel injectors and glow plugs
  • Viewing behind body panels and under the dashboard for electrical wiring and connections problems
  • Examining for corrosion and wear in hard-to-see areas
  • Inspecting fluid lines and leaks
  • Detecting leaks cracks corrosion blockages and deposit buildup in ducts and piping< xml:namespace prefix = o ns = urn:schemas-microsoft-com:office:office />
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